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Finance Committee
Meeting Date: 11/10/2020  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Tiller Reserve Unit Repairs
Ratify the expenditure of $51,930.32 for Tiller Reserve Unit repairs to be funded from the Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance Fund (Fund 480) reserves.
In 2018, the City of Brea purchased a used Tiller Reserve Unit (Ladder Reserve) to serve as a reserve unit to the front line ladder truck that has been in service since its purchase in 2007.  The used Ladder Reserve was purchased from the City of Vernon for a very low price of $50,000 and was found to be in good condition at the time, considering it was 20 years old and had very low miles.  For perspective, a new ladder truck in 2020 would cost approximately $2 million.

After some heavier use in the last two years, some performance issues were observed.  The vehicle was sent to Performance Truck Repair, Inc. for an evaluation to get the unit back in service.  Upon a thorough inspection of the unit, multiple critical repairs were noted and needed to be corrected immediately.  Some of the critical repairs included:
  • Aerial turntable stopped moving intermittently during rotation.
  • The outrigger deployment was not uniform during the extension of the outriggers, which caused the unit to be destabilized.
  • New electrical wiring due to damaged wires.  
  • Hydraulic system had deterioration and O-rings were leaking.
  • All the cylinders and PTO pump required a complete overhaul.

This unit was out of service for an extended period of time due to the fifth wheel pedestal which had to be removed and separated, and lifted away from the truck.  Performance Truck Repair, Inc. was utilized for these necessary repairs because they were the only shop that can fabricate a pedestal repair in-house.
These costs were not included in the FY 2020-21 Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance Fund (Fund 480) Adopted Budget.  A request for appropriation of additional funds will be incorporated into the 1st quarter Quarterly Adjustments.  There is no impact to the General Fund. 
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by:   Rudy Correa, Superintendent
Concurrence:  Tony Olmos, P.E., Public Works Director

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