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  Agenda Item   2.    
City Council and Planning Commission Joint Special Meeting
Meeting Date: 11/10/2020  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

6th Cycle Housing Element (2021-2029) Project Kick-Off
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Staff is bringing this item to the City Council and Planning Commission as an official kick off to the 6th cycle update to the Housing Element for the years 2021-2029. The Housing Element is a required chapter within the General Plan which provides for the analysis of a community’s housing needs and provides strategies and programs to respond to those needs. The City’s current adopted and state compliant Housing Element was for the 5th cycle for years 2014-2021 and is now due for an update. State Law (Government Code Section 65588 (b)) requires that the Housing Element of the General Plan be updated every eight years.

The update process includes a variety of analyses as well as multiple opportunities for the Brea community to be involved, as shared in the attached presentation. Key features include an overview of what a Housing Element is, a review of housing needs accomplishments, an analysis of housing trends and needs, Brea's Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) allocation, and our approach to community outreach. Over the course of the next few months, City staff and a team of consultants will engage the community through multiple outreach tools including zoom meetings, online surveys, and through our newly created outreach tool termed "Shape Brea," which is expected to launch in December. Throughout this process, staff will maintain active outreach regarding the update.

Following the analysis and feedback from our community members, staff will bring forward a proposal to amend the current General Plan to provide for an update to the Housing Element slated for fall of 2021. This proposal will bring the General Plan into conformance with State of California housing requirements. These proposed amendments would fulfill the City Council's goals and could be used as a launching pad for “Brea Central Core-specific” land use analysis as a future specific plan. 

There is negligible additional fiscal impact associated with this item. Early this year, staff secured $310,000 in SB-2 and LEAP Grants to help offset city costs and to allow for more robust outreach opportunities. A combination of these State grants and a General Plan Maintenance (Fund 120) transfer has been earmarked for activities and professional services related to the 6th cycle update to the Housing Element.
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by: Linda Sok Tang, Management Analyst II
Concurrence: Tracy Steinkruger, Community Development Director and Jason Killebrew, City Planner

I. Housing Element Kick Off Presentation

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