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  Agenda Item   5.    
Traffic Committee Meeting
Meeting Date: 11/19/2020  
FROM: Tony Olmos

Community Neighborhood Traffic Calming Improvements
Approve the recommendations in the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Study
For many years, the neighborhood located in the area bounded by State College Boulevard, Lambert Road and Cliffwood Avenue has voiced concerns about speeding and cut-through traffic through the neighborhood, in particular on Cliffwood Avenue.  In 2016, City staff and contract City Traffic Engineer conducted an informal evaluation and ultimately proposed traffic mitigation measures (diverters) be installed at the intersections of Cliffwood/Lambert and Cliffwood/State College under a pilot program.  The Traffic Committee approved the installation of the temporary diverters in November 2018 and the diverters were installed in January 2019. 
Shortly after installation, there were numerous complaints raised by residents.  After several briefings and meetings with the community, Traffic Committee and City Council, the diverters were removed.  City Council then approved the forming of a Working Group to participate in a comprehensive traffic study to include the original neighborhood south of State College and also include the neighborhood north of State College.  The main objective of the Working Group was to identify the key traffic issues and provide feedback on proposed traffic solutions.  As a result, staff met with the Working Group several times over the past year and took their comments into account during the development of the recommendations.  After concluding the Working group meetings, a survey went out to the community to gather overall community input on the traffic recommendations.
The attached draft Neighborhood Traffic Calming Study further details the study background, summarizes the efforts by the Working Group, summarizes results of the community survey, describes traffic improvement recommendations, outlines cost for each proposed improvement and lays out a recommended implementation strategy based on a phased approach.  City staff and City Traffic Engineer will present a powerpoint presentation at the meeting to summarize the report findings and recommendations.
Staff expects to present the final Neighborhood Traffic Calming Study to the City Council early next year dependent on Traffic Committee’s recommendations.  
Respectfully submitted:  Dave Roseman, T.E.
Prepared by:  Michael Ho., P.E., Deputy Director of Public Works / City Engineer
Concurrence: Tony Olmos, P.E., Director of Public Works
Draft Traffic Calming Study Report for the Cliffwood Neighborhood

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