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Finance Committee
Meeting Date: 11/09/2021  
FROM: David Dickinson

Amendment to the Position Allocation List - One Part-Time Parking Control Officer Position for Brea Police Department
Approve the Resolution amending the Position Allocation List to add one part-time Parking Control Officer position for Police Services for nighttime enforcement.
Currently, the Police Department uses various resources to enforce parking restrictions. Two part-time Parking Control Officers (PCOs), whose primary duties are to enforce parking restrictions in the Downtown, are staffed Monday through Sunday and work various shifts between the hours of 3:00 pm and 1:00 am. Beyond 1:00 am, overnight parking is enforced by Patrol Officers, Jailers and Cadets, all of whom have other primary duties. As an ancillary duty, parking restrictions are enforced in-between other calls for service which are oftentimes more emergent.
City Council has expressed interest in two areas of overnight parking violations specifically: parking in park parking lots after 10:00 pm and non-permitted 2:00 am - 6:00 am street parking. Implementing overnight parking enforcement hours from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am allows for proactive, focused enforcement on both concerns. Specifically, overnight parking enforcement minimizes the overall number of vehicles on the street which facilitates visual safety scanning by patrol officers, reduces the occurrence of abandoned or broken vehicles being stored on City streets, and encourages the regular movement of vehicles to allow for street sweeping to occur in areas which might otherwise be impacted by street parking. In addition, the ability to proactively patrol for parking violations would reduce the number of citizen-initiated calls for service related to parking enforcement.
To accommodate four nights a week coverage, Monday through Thursday, the addition of one overnight part-time PCO to the Police Department’s staff is recommended. This position would focus solely on parking violation enforcement, except in the event of emergency situations, therefore increasing overall parking enforcement throughout the City of Brea. This PCO would work 28 hours per week, which is a .7 full-time equivalency.
The fiscal impact of this recommendation is $47,374.67, which includes the following breakdown of costs:
  • Salary for One (1) part-time, 28 hour/week PCO position: $39,267.00 annually
  • Up-front, one-time costs renewed every three to five years:
    • One (1) TurboData TicketPRO ticket writer with three-year lease: $1,420.00
    • One (1) tablet and keyboard: $4,500.00
    • One (1) bodyworn camera with charging base and spare battery: $1,045.17
      • One (1) three-year warranty and Evidence Library subscription: $1,142.50
The fiscal impact to the General Fund for FY 2021-22 is approximately $28,000 which covers six (6) months salary, plus the up-front, one-time costs as outlined.   The average annual ongoing cost based on the figures outlined above is approximately $42,000 based on the annual salary, plus the one-time cost spread over three years.   It is noted that any revenue generated from parking citations would offset this additional cost.  
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by: Dave Dickinson, Police Captain
Concurrence: Adam Hawley, Police Chief

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