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  Agenda Item   19.    
City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 11/16/2021  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Adoption of the 2021 Sewer Master Plan
Adopt a resolution approving and adopting the 2021 Sewer Master Plan. 
The City of Brea provides and maintains a sanitary sewer system that serves the City’s residents and businesses.  The existing system, consisting of 11 major sewersheds, includes approximately 135 miles of gravity sewer, 3,400 manholes, 3 lift stations, and 2 siphons.  The majority of the sewer discharge that is generated within the City comes from residential, commercial, and industrial water use.  The water that comes from the City of Brea’s domestic water system is used by the residents and businesses of Brea, and is then collected and discharged into the City sanitary sewer system, which conveys the sewage to adjacent agency sewer systems or to the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) sewer system. 

The Sewer Master Plan (SMP) analyzes the City’s sanitary sewer system by reviewing the inventory of existing infrastructure, and by identifying any capacity issues through evaluation of the City’s sewer collection system under the existing and future development conditions.  Based on this information, the SMP models the sanitary sewer system to provide findings, conclusions, and recommendations on Capital Improvement Projects necessary to maintain the City’s reliability in providing sewer service. 

The City of Brea previously completed a SMP in 2005 that accounted for improvements to be made to the sanitary sewer system based on analysis of the existing system and future projects that were identified at the time of the study.  Many of the improvements recommended in the past SMP have since been completed, and water usage trends have changed over time.  As such, an updated SMP was required in order to reflect both the current City sewer system infrastructure and the changes in sewer loading within the sewer system.   
At the February 4, 2020 City Council Meeting, City Council awarded contract to PipeTec, Inc. and approved a Professional Services Agreement with AKM Consulting Engineers to prepare the 2021 SMP, in order to meet the following objectives:
  • Clean and CCTV the City’s sewer lines;
  • Calibrate and update the City sewer hydraulic model;
  • Identify existing hydraulic deficiencies;
  • Perform a condition assessment of the City sewer system;
  • Update the sewer collection system capacity analysis;
  • Provide recommendations on infrastructure needs to allow for conveyance of future flows;
  • Develop a list of prioritized capital improvements for the sanitary sewer system. 
AKM Consulting Engineers has completed the 2021 SMP.  The SMP found that based on the analysis performed, the following sanitary sewer improvement projects are recommended to be constructed over the next 10 years: 
  • Replace approximately 860 lineal feet of existing sanitary sewer lines that have been identified to have capacity deficiencies;
  • Replace the Briarwood Lift Station as it has reached the end of the anticipated useful life;
  • Construct a bypass line at Siphon S-2, across Brea Creek Channel, to allow for City to assess and clean the existing siphon regularly and perform a condition assessment of the upstream sewer;
  • Attain right-of-way and construct access roads to the sewer system located south of Carbon Canyon Road, to allow for City to access and perform a CCTV investigation and condition assessment of the sewer system;
  • Replace approximately 26,000 lineal feet of existing sanitary sewer lines that have been identified to have condition deficiencies. 

The City of Brea understands its responsibility to address infrastructure needs with long range planning efforts.  By reviewing its existing sanitary sewer system and focusing on future needs, the City can continue to maintain a high level of service and reliability in its sewer system in a cost effective and fiscally responsible manner.  The 2021 Sewer Master Plan has been developed to assist the City in achieving these objectives.    
There is no fiscal impact to the General Fund associated with this action; however, the implementation of the plan will have a substantial fiscal impact.  The estimated cost to implement all projects recommended for the Capital Improvement Program projects totals $19,005,000.  This cost would primarily be absorbed by the Sewer Fund.  
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by:  Ryan Chapman, P.E., Prinicpal Engineer
Concurrence:  Michael Ho, P.E., Acting Director of Public Works / City Engineer
Sewer Master Plan

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