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Finance Committee
Meeting Date: 11/30/2021  
FROM: Mario Maldonado

Amendment to the Position Allocation List – Add a Full-Time Administrative Clerk Position in the Human Resources Division
Approve the Resolution amending the Position Allocation List to add a full-time Administrative Clerk position in the Human Resources Division.
The Human Resources Division currently has five approved positions in the Position Allocation List (HR Manager, Sr. HR Analyst, HR Analyst, HR Technician, and Administrative Clerk).  Historically, the division had two approved HR Technician positions for a total of six approved positions. However, in 2016 the Human Resources Division was asked to hold vacant one of the two budgeted HR Technician positions in order to deal with fiscal challenges facing the organization at the time.  The position was never filled after 2016.  With some creativity and improved management of the operation, the duties of that position were able to be absorbed. It was not ideal, but the HR division made it work for some time. The current request is to add another Administrative Clerk position for a total of six approved classifications in the Position Allocation list. 
The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 significantly impacted the day-to-day operations of the division and affected the ability to serve internal and external customers. Specifically, the last 18 months have required that Human Resources personnel adapt to a changing regulatory landscape and also to the ways in which daily business is conducted. Staff had to become experts in public health matters in an effort to protect the welfare of employees and minimize the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. In addition, during this time Brea has experienced an increase in retirements and/or separations which in turn has led to more demand for services. As an organization, Brea is facing similar challenges that other public sector employers are facing including a shortage of qualified candidates and a spike in employee retirements. 
In general, the Administrative Clerk II position in the Human Resources Division performs a wide variety of general clerical and administrative duties; maintain records; type reports, memorandums, correspondence, and other documents; may perform specialized administrative support duties for a division; and perform other related duties, as assigned. This position will be assigned as the primary contact for COVID-19 related matters and will be handling the ongoing need for contact tracing in order to be in compliance with all Cal/OSHA and Public Health COVID-19 regulations and/or health orders. 
it is hopeful that by assigning one dedicated staff member with the primary responsibility for all things COVID-19 related, it will allow other Human Resources personnel to focus on critical tasks to minimize delays to operations. In the next year, HR plans to evaluate the long term needs of the division and to assess the need for another HR Technician or consider adding an HR Specialist position that could serve as a promotional stepping stone for Administrative Clerks.  It is also possible that it would be determined that keeping two Administrative Clerk positions is sufficient to address the operational needs of the division. 
The addition of a new full-time Administrative Clerk I/II position would cost approximately $72,707 annually with the fiscal impact to the City’s General Fund (110) for the remainder of the current fiscal year being approximately $43,345. Due to vacancy savings realized in the current fiscal year, this increase can be absorbed in the Human Resources Division General Fund (110) budget for FY 2021-22.  No additional budget appropriation is needed at this time.
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by: Mario E. Maldonado, Human Resources Manager
Concurrence: Cindy Russell, Administrative Services Director

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