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  Agenda Item   25.    
City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 11/15/2022  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with Bucknam Infrastructure Group, Inc. for Pavement Management Plan Update and Inspection
Approve the Agreement with Bucknam Infrastructure Group, Inc. to provide pavement inspection and pavement management plan services in an amount not-to-exceed $31,028.00.
For the past several years, Bucknam Infrastructure Group, Inc. has provided the City of Brea with a pavement management system to assist staff with managing pavement needs including forecasting budgetary needs, planning rehabilitation projects, tracking rehabilitation histories, and providing information that meets OCTA funding requirements for paving projects.

OCTA guidelines require a Pavement Management Plan update every two years for arterial streets and every six years for residential streets. Spreading the residential street inspection over a six-year period is more cost-effective since there are many more residential street miles than arterial streets.  The last arterial and residential street survey was completed in the Fall of 2020.  To comply with OCTA requirements, the pavement survey work must be completed before June 2023. The pavement survey follows the Army Corps of Engineers standards in defining the pavement condition rating index (PCI) and the area of the streets (square footage).

Bucknam Infrastructure Group takes this information and provides staff with a breakdown of recommended maintenance and rehabilitation methods, locations, and cost estimates for future street maintenance/improvement projects. Bucknam Infrastructure Group worked with OCTA in developing the Countywide Pavement Management Program in 2008 and has met the OCTA’s pre-qualified pavement inspection requirements. Staff recommends using this vendor based on their extensive knowledge of the County reporting requirements. This experience will ensure the City meets the Renewed M2 requirements and continues to be eligible for Measure M funds.

Preparing the Pavement Management Plan update requires extensive fieldwork to survey street conditions, followed by entry into the program database. Public Works has considered performing this work but does not have the expertise, equipment, or manpower to complete this type of work without hiring additional staff or purchasing additional equipment. OCTA has specialized reporting and inspection requirements making contracting this service the most economical choice. Bucknam Infrastructure Group provides PMP services and has worked with over half of Orange County’s local agencies including Brea, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Orange, Huntington Beach, and Irvine, to name a few.
The Finance Committee reviewed the staff's recommendation at the October 25, 2022 meeting and recommended to proceed.
A total of $50,000 is budgeted in the Measure M Fund (260-51-5121-4249) for the Pavement Management Plan update.  There is no impact on the General Fund.
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by:  Will Wenz, Public Works Superintendent
Concurrence: Michael Ho, Public Works Director/City Engineer
PMP Agreement
Exhibit A - Proposal
Approved COI

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