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  Agenda Item   11. A.    
Parks, Recreation & Human Services Commission
Meeting Date: 03/22/2023  
FROM: Chris Emeterio

Goals Matrix - Progress/Timing Update
That the Parks, Recreation and Human Services Commission support staff's recommended next steps.
At their December 7, 2022, meeting, the Parks, Recreation and Human Services Commission adopted their annual goals matrix, which includes various project and program related goals for both the Recreation and Human Services Divisions. Since that time, staff has begun making progress on included projects and is now prepared to share some updates with the Commission. Additionally, staff has made adjustments to when some projects may be completed based on information we have on costs and available funding. 

Attached to this report is a copy of the adopted Goals Matrix which has been organized to be viewed chronologically. At the meeting, staff will highlight projects that have been completed, or adjusted ahead of seeking the Commission's support on staff's recommendations.
Chris Emeterio, Assistant City Manager

Prepared by: Jenn Colacion, Senior Management Analyst
Concurrence: Carrie Hernandez, Deputy Director of Community Services and Sean L. Matlock, Deputy Director of Community Services
Goals Matrix

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