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  Agenda Item   16.    
City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 05/04/2021  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Contract with Motorola Solutions to Purchase WatchGuard In-Car Camera and Body-Worn Camera System for Police Department
Approve contracts with Motorola Solutions to purchase WatchGuard In-Car Camera and Body-Worn Camera System and Digital Evidence Management System for Police Department.
During the December 1, 2020, City Council meeting, the Police Department presented their need to purchase an integrated body-worn camera, in-car camera, and digital evidence storage system. Leading up to that presentation, the Police Department communicated with several vendors and stakeholders and determined that the WatchGuard system from Motorola Solutions best met the department's needs. At that time, the City Council gave the Police Department direction to pursue purchasing this system from Motorola Solutions. 

The Police Department communicated with Motorola Solutions and negotiated a price for the entire system, including installation, implementation, warranties, and ongoing storage and maintenance costs. The Police Department met with the Revenue and Budget Division of the Administrative Services Department to discuss funding for the purchase. The Revenue and Budget Division identified sources of funding. The Police Department provided details of the purchase price and funding plan to the Finance Committee on January 26, 2021. City Council approved funding to purchase the WatchGuard In-Car Camera and Body-Worn Camera system at the February 2, 2021, City Council meeting. A copy of the Staff Report from those meetings is attached with this Staff Report.  

Between then and now, the Police Department has been negotiating a contract with Motorola Solutions. After lengthy negotiations, both sides agreed to contract terms in mid-April 2021. A copy of the approved contracts is attached to this Staff Report.

Two copies with "wet" signatures from Motorola will be provided to the Mayor for signature. One singed, the fully executed contract will be retained by the City, and the second will be returned to Motorola. 
The total purchase price for this project is $993,075.08 over five years.

This price includes all equipment, installation, implementation, warranties, cloud-based storage subscriptions for five years, and a fund to replace equipment in five years.

The City will pay Motorola  $431,978.99 at the time of purchase and implementation (referred to as "Year 1"). The Revenue and Budget Division has already allocated all of this money (details of this allocation are outlined in the February 2, 2021 Staff Report).

The City will pay Motorola $53,120 per year in subsequent years (referred to as "Year 2" though "Year 5" for cloud-based storage fees. In addition, the City will allocated $69,723 per year (in Years 1-5) that will be used to replace equipment when it reaches the end of its service life. This project will be funded through Fund 172 (Public Safety Fund), Fund 173 (Supplemental Law Enforcement Fund), Fund 182 (Fixed Asset Replacement Fund) and Fund 231 (Asset Forfeiture Fund). 
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by: Lt. Christopher Harvey
Feb 2021 City Council Staff Report
Contracts and Attachments

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