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  Agenda Item   20.    
City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 05/02/2023  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Update to (Azteca Systems, Inc) Cityworks Software License and Maintenance Agreement
Approve updated Software License and Maintenance Agreement for Public Works Maintenance Management Program.
In 2013, Public Works Maintenance Services needed to update, Fox Pro, the antiquated software used to track service requests and decided on Cityworks because of their Geographic Information System-centric (GIS) public asset and work management solution. The cost to purchase and implement this software was $100,000.00, which included migration of the historical data into Cityworks. There has been an annual Update and Support fee of $11,000 since that time, with the cost remaining unchanged.
Azteca Systems, Inc. supplies a Cityworks Server AMS (Asset Management System) for the Public Works Department. Public Works has used the Cityworks software as its Maintenance Management Program (MMP) for the past ten years to store and produce records of completed work requests. The program tracks work requests, employee time, materials, equipment costs, locations, customers, and notes. The update to this agreement includes enhanced protection for the City from the original agreement and reduces the risk of losing information. The updated agreement cleans up language regarding third-party consultants or contractors. Terms of the updated agreement were reviewed and approved by the City Attorney's office.
The Finance Committee reviewed the staff’s recommendation at their meeting on April 25, 2023, and recommended proceeding.
The Public Works Department uses software called Cityworks for asset management, work orders, and tracking service requests. Cityworks is now moving to cloud-based technology for enhanced protection and to reduce the risk of losing information. Therefore, the old agreement must be updated to the attached license agreement to reflect these features. The annual update and support fee for 07/01/22 to 05/14/23 is $9,625.00. The annual update and support fee of $11,000.00 remains the same from 05/15/23 to 05/14/24, and no additional funding is needed. These budgeted costs are in various Public Works accounts, including Water, Sewer, Streets, Parks, Sanitation, and Building funds.
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by:  Will Wenz, Public Works Superintendent
Concurrence: Michael Ho, Public Works Director/City Engineer
Software License Agreement
2013 PSA

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