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  Agenda Item   24.    
City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 06/15/2021  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Renewed Measure M (M2) Eligibility Submittal Package for Fiscal Year 2021-22
  1. Approve and authorize staff to submit to Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) the Measure M2 Seven-Year Capital Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2021-22 through 2027-28 to comply with Measure M2 eligibility criteria; and
  2. Adopt Resolution No. 2021-043 concerning the status and update of the Circulation Element, Mitigation Fee Program, and Pavement Management Plan for the Measure M (M2) Program.
To maintain its eligibility to receive Measure M2 sales tax revenue, the City is required to submit annual documentation on its transportation related programs to OCTA. Every seven years, OCTA requires an expanded submittal of the City's programs and projects affecting circulation and transportation to verify that these elements are in alignment with Measure M2 and countywide plans.

This year's submittal requires the following documentation:
  • 7-Year Capital Improvement Program Budget presented in the OCTA format
  • Circulation Element / Master Plan of Arterial Highways (MPAH) Consistency*
  • Congestion Management Program
  • Eligibility Checklist
  • Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Documentation
  • Mitigation Fee Program*
  • Pavement Management Plan (PMP)*
  • Transit / Non-Motorized Transportation Letter
        * Requires Council Resolution

M2 Seven-Year Capital Improvement Program CIP
The City's Measure M2 Seven-Year CIP for Fiscal Years 2021-22 through 2027-28 is a transportation planning and fiscal forecasting document used to guide future programming for transportation capital improvement projects. The M2 Seven-year CIP is consistent with the proposed Citywide Capital Improvement Program Budget for Fiscal Year 2021-22. The submittal of the M2 Seven-Year CIP does not commit the City to funding the identified improvements. However, projects must be included in the M2 Seven-Year CIP to be eligible to receive Measure M2 funding. This document is updated every year to allow for changes based on City Council priorities. The City's Seven-Year CIP includes 60 projects with a total preliminary projected budget requirement of approximately $101 Million over the seven-year period. The M2 CIP document emphasizes projects that improve circulation, mitigate traffic congestion and maintain the City's investment in existing transportation infrastructure.

Orange County Master Plan of Arterial Highway (MPAH) Consistency
The MPAH was established to provide planning, development, and preservation of a coordinated regional arterial highway network to supplement the countywide freeway system. To remain eligible for Measure M2 funds, the City's General Plan Circulation Element must be consistent with the MPAH by maintaining an equivalent number of minimum through lanes on each arterial highway shown on the MPAH map. The City's Circulation Element is in full compliance with this requirement. Biennially, the City must submit a City Council-adopted resolution to OCTA attesting that no unilateral reduction in lanes has been made on any arterials identified in the MPAH.

Mitigation Fee Program Concurrence Documentation
Biennially, the City must submit a City Council-adopted resolution to OCTA certifying that the City has an existing mitigation fee program that assesses traffic impacts of new development and requires new development to pay a fair share of necessary transportation improvements attributable to the new development. The resolution reaffirms the City's existing Mitigation Fee Program.

Pavement Management Plan (PMP)
The City's PMP outlines the processes in place for the planning, preventative maintenance and repair of the City's roadways. The PMP analyzes pavement life cycles, assesses overall system performance costs, and assists the City in determining pavement maintenance strategies and cost estimates necessary to maintain the City's roadway network. An updated PMP report is required to be submitted to OCTA on a biennial basis. The City's PMP inspection was completed in May 2021.
The Finance Committee Meeting reviewed staff's recommendation at their June 8, 2021, meeting and recommended to proceed.
Annual submittal of Measure M2 eligibility documentation to the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is required to receive Measure M2 sales tax revenue funds. The eligibility process this year requires submittal of the eight items listed above including the adoption of a resolution attesting to the consistency of the City's General Plan Circulation Element with the County Master Plan of Arterial Highways (MPAH), confirming the City's existing transportation Mitigation Fee Programs, and submitting to OCTA the City's approved Pavement Management Program (PMP). Approval of the recommended action will satisfy these requirements.

Fulfillment of the eligibility requirements for FY 2021-22 will confirm the City's ability to continue receiving M2 funds. In addition, the City's annual M2 local jurisdiction apportionment, more commonly referred to as "Fairshare," is estimated at $962,331 for Fiscal Year 2021-22. This action has no negative impact to the General Fund.
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by:  Warren Coleman, Sr. Management Analyst
Concurrence: Michael Ho, P.E., Deputy Director / City Engineer
    Tony Olmos, P.E., Public Works Director
MOE Certification
CMP Documentation
PMP Report

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