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Finance Committee
Meeting Date: 07/13/2021  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Annual Vehicle and Equipment Purchase Plan for Fiscal Year 2021-22

Authorize Purchasing Agent to issue purchase orders in an amount not-to-exceed $707,000 for various City vehicles and equipment described in the Annual Vehicle Replacement Plan for Fiscal Year 2021-22.


Each fiscal year, the vehicles used by various City departments are assessed to determine whether it is best to continue maintenance, retire, replace, or add new units. The determining factors include excessive mileage, unit hours, service life expectancy, maintenance cost history, safety and environmental impacts. The attached equipment list indicates the replacements or additions that were approved by the City Council as part of the FY 2021-22 operating budget. This list provides the equipment descriptions, quantities, estimated costs and departments where they will be assigned. The Purchasing Division will solicit bids for the listed equipment per the formal bidding requirements of the Brea Municipal Code, utilize competitively bid national cooperative agreements, or piggyback contracts to obtain the best available pricing.

Staff requests that Council authorize the Purchasing Agent to issue purchase orders immediately after completing the best available pricing analysis without the need to return to City Council for approval of the individual awards for the following main reasons:

  • Ensure the needed equipment is replaced in a timely fashion and without interruption in service
  • Meet manufacturer production cutoff dates
  • Take advantage of incentives and discounts
  • Expedite the purchase of these items
Should any of the listed equipment be limited to a single source, the Purchasing Agent will verify and document the reasons for the sole source procurement prior to award.

To help facilitate operational and budgetary requirements, staff requests that City Council authorize the Fleet Supervisor and Purchasing Agent to make changes in the type and quantity of the listed equipment, subject to budget appropriations and the not-to-exceed amount requested.

The adopted Fiscal Year 2021-22 Budget has sufficient funding available for the requested not-to-exceed amount for these purchases in the Public Works Equipment Maintenance Division expenditure accounts: Mobile Equipment (480-51-5161-4641), and Field & Shop Equipment (480-51-5161-4621).


William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by:  Rudy Correa, Fleet & Water Superintendent
Concurrence: Tony Olmos, Public Works Director

2021-2022 Vehicle and Equipment List

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