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  Agenda Item   17.    
City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 08/17/2021  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Purchase of new Taser 7 CEW Devices for Police Department
Approve the purchase of sixty-five Taser 7 CEW devices and related accessories from Axon Enterprises, Inc. for $173,142.83.
The Police Department issues and uses Taser conducted energy weapons (CEWs) from Axon. In preparation for the FY 2021-22 budget, the Police Department submitted a Decision Package to purchase sixty-five new Taser 7 CEW devices. The Decision Package was approved as part of budget adoption.

Axon Enterprises, Inc. advised that these devices and accessories are on limited distribution, and are available only from Axon directly or from ProForce Law Enforcement (see attached limited distribution letter). Axon provided a quote (attached) for the purchase of the 65 Taser CEWs and related accessories for $173,142.83 including tax and freight. The Police Department sought and received a quote from ProForce for the same items at the price of $180,193.88. Additionally, Axon provided another quote for approximately $188,000, which was based on cooperative pricing through the League of Oregon Cities.

Since Axon Enterprises quote for $173,142.83 was the lowest, award is recommended accordingly.
The Finance Committee reviewed staff’s recommendation at their August 10, 2021 meeting and recommended for Council approval.
During budget preparations, the Revenue & Budget Division allocated $174,523 for this purchase in account 172-21-2141-4639.
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by: Christopher Harvey, Police Lieutenant
Concurrence: Adam Hawley, Police Chief
Decision Package
Axon Taser Limited Distribution Letter
Quote from Axon
Quote from ProForce

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