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  Agenda Item   26.    
City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 08/17/2021  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Budget Adjustment to Remodel Areas of Police Administration
Appropriate $40,000 from the City’s Fixed Asset Replacement Fund (Fund 182) to the Civic Center Remodel Project (CIP 7955) to remodel the Police Department's Professional Standards office and the Police Administration kitchen area.
The Professional Standards office in Police Administration was designed and constructed 15-20 years ago. The space is odd-shaped and inefficient, is made of temporary walls, and is a mismatch to the remainder of Police Administration and the remainder of Level 3 of the Civic Center.

This area was not included in the Civic Center Remodel Project, as the original scope of the project was primarily to create office space for managers who worked in cubicles, and to update work stations for administrative staff.

The Police Department is seeking to remodel the Professional Standards office in order to create two spaces - an office for the Professional Standards lieutenant and a separate interview/conference room. The Police Department would have the ability to convert the interview/conference room into another office in the future, if needed.

The Police Department received a quote from People Space to remodel the space. The remodel would cost approximately $32,900. People Space is the same vendor that has been contracted to complete the Civic Center Remodel Project. In addition, there is a partially remodeled kitchen area in Police Administration and the Police Department is seeking an additional $7,000 (approximately) to complete the remodel of this space. 

If the budget adjustment is approved, the Public Works Director has the authority to execute the construction contract for this project per the City’s Purchasing Code since the project is under $200,000.
The Finance Committee reviewed staff’s recommendation at their August 10, 2021 meeting and recommended for Council approval.
$40,000 is needed to fund the proposed project.  The project is recommended to be funded by the Fixed Asset Replacement Program Fund (182).  If approved, this appropriation will be included in the 1st quarter budget adjustments for FY 2021-22.  There is no General Fund impact.
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by: Christopher Harvey, Police Lieutenant
Concurrence: Adam Hawley, Police Chief

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