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  Agenda Item   21.    
City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 08/15/2023  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Agreement for Production of Original Art Work with Carlos Terres for the Reproduction of the Centennial Door Sculpture
  1. Approve the Agreement for Production of Original Artwork with Carlos Terres for the Reproduction of the Centennial Door bronze sculpture; and
  2. Appropriate $85,000 from the Fixed Asset Replacement Fund (182) for the purchase of the sculpture.
In 2017, the Brea City Council entered into an agreement with artist Carlos Terres from Brea’s Sister City, Lagos de Moreno, Mexico, for the creation of an original sculpture celebrating Brea’s Centennial anniversary. The concept for the sculpture was created by the artist and supported by the Centennial Steering Committee in place at the time. The final design consisted of a sculpture created in the artist’s proprietary stone material Terroca, approximately 6 ft. H x 6 ft. W x 1.5 ft. D,  depicting scenes celebrating family life, recreation and the historic orange industry of Brea. The sculpture was installed in early 2018 at Lagos de Moreno Park/Laurel Elementary Playground at the corner of Birch Street and Flower Avenue.
Throughout 2019, staff was made aware of damage to the sculpture including severe cracks and areas where the sculpture appeared to be expanding and separating at its seams. The artist was scheduled to personally perform an inspection of the damage and prepare recommendations for repair in early 2020, however this trip was postponed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. In November 2020, the sculpture was destroyed beyond repair in a vehicle collision.
In November 2021, the City Council supported efforts for the piece to be reproduced in bronze, with the assumption that staff would work to ensure that plans for the new piece would reduce the risk of destruction, vandalism, etc. Staff has been in negotiations with the artist over the past several months on the contract to include stronger language regarding acceptance of the work, warranties, etc. given the history of damage to the previous work.
Staff also discovered in the aftermath of the collision that City-owned art work was not covered under the City’s general insurance policy. Given this information, the City Council had an interest in exploring the cost for a separate fine art policy to cover similar incidents in the future. Staff is still researching independent policies to cover City-owned sculptures. 

The Finance Committee reviewed staff's recommendation at their August 8, 2023, meeting and recommended for City Council approval. 
The cost of this purchase is $85,000. There is funding available in the Fixed Asset Replacement Fund (182) and staff is recommending to appropriate funding and authorize this contract.
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by: Jenn Colacion, Senior Management Analyst and Carrie Hernandez, Deputy Director of Community Services 
Concurrence: Chris Emeterio, Assistant City Manager 

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