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  Agenda Item   26.    
City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/21/2021  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Cooperative Agreement No. C-1-3228 between Orange County Transportation Authority and City of Brea for Senior Mobility Program
Approve Cooperative Agreement No. C-1-3228 with Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) for Senior Mobility Program (SMP).
The City of Brea's Senior Transporation program has been made possible over time with the partnership of OCTA. The City has been participating in OCTA's Senior Mobility Program since 2011, giving the City eligibility to receive Orange County Measure 2 (M2) transportation funds and retired vehicles from OCTA to support the design and operation of Brea's senior transit programs. This partnership has allowed the City the ability to customize transportation programs to meet the specific needs of Brea seniors.

What started as a senior shuttle service in 2011, providing Brea's senior residents round trip transportation to only the Brea Senior Center, has grown to three full-service transportation programs: Senior Center Shuttle, On-Demand Van Service and Senior Taxi. M2 funding from OCTA has largely supported the expansion of our senior transportation programs that have all increased in ridership, service range, hours, and destination types. 

Since the development of Brea's senior transportation programs, Brea has been successful in providing Brea senior residents free and low-cost transportation to social and recreational activities, access to nutritional resources, community locales, non-emergency medical and personal care services. Moreover, with its transportation programs, Brea has also decreased the risk of isolation among older adults, while providing avenues for senior residents to participate and engage in the community. 

If approved, the renewed OCTA Cooperative Agreement and Service Plan will remain in effect for five years, allowing the City to continue providing all senior transportation services. Aside from minor, administrative verbiage changes, there are no siginficant changes to this Cooperative Agreement or to the Service Plan design.
Continuing this partnership with OCTA would allow additional funding and cost savings for the next five fiscal years. The Orange County M2 funding would supplement the annual program expenditures. The funding allocation is based on the City's population of residents age 60 and older, and the funding covers expenses related to contracted services, in-house labor, vehicle expenses, marketing, and outreach. If the City Council authorizes this renewed cooperative agreement, Brea would receive an anticipated $228,625 from OCTA over the course of the five year agreement.  
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by: Lani Gormsen, Senior Center Case Manager
Concurrence: Chris Emeterio, Assistant City Manager and Carrie Hernandez, Community Services Manager
Cooperative Agreement

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