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Finance Committee
Meeting Date: 09/13/2022  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Approve Purchase of Utility Poles for Safety Netting at Brea Creek Golf Course, CIP 7978
Approve purchase of nine utility poles from Stella Jones in the amount of $40,901.73.
As part of the Arovista Modernization Project, CIP 7978, safety netting at the Brea Creek Golf Course was included in the base project.  The safety netting portion is preceding the entirety of the modernization project and running concurrently to the completion and opening of the Skate Park.  The new netting would be installed along the property line adjacent to the #9 tee and behind the #8 green between the golf course and park.

Staff received quotations for the poles treated with Copper Naphthenate, an environmentally friendly preservative, to include delivery and yard inspection from Walters Wholesale Electric, Stella Jones and Bell Lumber and Pole Co.  Stella Jones provided the best pricing for a total of $40,901.73 as shown below:
Stella Jones $40,901.73
Bell Lumber and Pole Co. $43,477.67
Walters Wholesale Electric $48,678.55

Staff included California sales tax and the1 percent California lumber assessment tax in the total cost for all the quotes.  Delivery is estimated to be 8-9 weeks from the order date.
Staff recommends purchasing the nine utility poles from Stella Jones for the safety netting at Brea Creek Golf Course.  The full cost of the seventy-five foot poles is $40,901.73.  Funding is available in the CIP budget.
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by:  Bill Bowlus, Public Works Superintendent
Concurrence: Michael Ho, P.E., Director of Public Works/City Engineer
Stella Jones Quote
Bell Lumber Quote
Walters Quote

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