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Finance Committee
Meeting Date: 09/13/2022  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Appropriate Funds and Award Contract for Janitorial Services at City Park Restrooms
  1. Appropriate $107,700 to amend the City’s General Fund (110) Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-23 for Janitorial Services at park restrooms;
  2. Award Contract to K-Pro Stone Care in the amount of $148,500 for Janitorial Services at City park restrooms and as-needed trash removal; and
  3. Authorize the City Manager to approve Agreement and future extensions
Nightly park closing and restroom maintenance has been performed by Park Division part-time staff since the early '80s. Two part-time employees work an alternating shift of 18 hours during the week to cover the seven-day-a-week operation. Staff reports nightly for their shift that works independently to clean the parks/restrooms, remove the trash, respond to Dispatch as needed, and interface with user groups at active parks. As the number of parks and restrooms increased over time, the available cleaning time between their 7pm to 11pm shift grew shorter and became less thorough. With the addition of the restroom on segment 3 and the Lagos de Moreno restroom as a part of the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year Budget, two additional part-time staff were added to split the City in half, placing an employee on each side of town to cover the 14 restroom buildings and provide a higher level of service to the park restrooms.
In late June of this year, staff lost half of the part-time night cleaning staff. Since the remaining staff could not provide complete and consistent restroom cleaning at the highest level of service, an emergency pilot program using contract services with K-Pro Stone Care was initiated at the start of July for a three-month trial. This contract-based pilot program guarantees nightly restroom cleaning, where with vacations and absences, restroom cleaning is inconsistent and falls on the daytime staff to complete deferred park maintenance. Existing evening staff continue their responsibilities by removing trash and locking park restrooms, responding to Dispatch, and interacting with user groups during the pilot program. To further research the pilot program cost, staff posted an Request for Proposals (RFP) in July on for janitorial services at park restrooms. Four proposals were received from 11 companies. Public Works staff read and evaluated the proposals. Evaluating criteria included references, project team/work approach, related experience, and proposed fees. Companies were rated as follows:
  1. K-Pro Stone Care
  2. Valley Maintenance Corp
  3. Guaranteed Janitorial Services, Inc.
  4. Omni Enterprise, Inc.
Monthly fees for the respective Companies are shown in the table below:
Company Monthly Cost 9-Month Contract
Valley Maintenance Corp $7,670 $69,030
Guaranteed Janitorial Services, Inc. $14,770 $132,930
Omni Enterprise, Inc. $15,000 $135,000
K-Pro Stone Care $16,500 $148,500
Due to ongoing General Fund impacts in future years, staff is recommending awarding a nine-month contract through the end of the current fiscal year until new or additional staff can be hired to resume the in-house cleaning. Staff recommends awarding the contract to K-Pro Stone Care and a one-year extension option. 
K-Pro Stone Care has done janitorial work since 2007; successfully completed work for UCLA; and maintained the granite at the Civic & Cultural Center War Memorial and Plaza. They are currently successfully performing the janitorial work at the park restrooms.
Future operational options being considered for the nightly restroom cleaning include exploring a shift differential to increase part-time retention and adding additional part-time evening staff. Any additional staff would be requested through the FY 2023-24 budget cycle.
The award of the contract to K-Pro Stone Care will cost $148,500 with an additional $5,000 for possible as-needed trash removal services.  Offset costs have been identified in the amount of $45,800 which includes salary savings from the two vacant part-time positions ($39,600), as well as the associated vehicle cost ($6,200).  The net fiscal impact to the City’s General Fund (110) Operating Budget for FY 2022-23 is $107,700. There is sufficient fund balance in the General Fund as the result of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by:   Bill Bowlus, Public Works Superintendent
Concurrence:  Michael Ho, P.E., Director of Public Works/City Engineer
Agreement for Park Restroom Janitorial
Approved Insurance
Fee Schedule
Janitorial RFP

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