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Finance Committee
Meeting Date: 09/13/2022  
FROM: Bill Gallardo

Award the Country Hills Subdivision Pavement and Water Improvements, Phase 2, CIP Project No. 7322
1. Approve the Plans and Specifications;
2. Receive bids;
3. Award Contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, Gentry Brothers, Inc. in the amount of $2,125,523.60; and
4. Authorize the City Engineer to issue Change Orders up to a "not to exceed" amount of 10% of the Contract Price.
The overall Country Hills Subdivision Pavement and Water Improvements, CIP 7322 was programmed within the FY 2021-22 Capital Improvement Program (“CIP”).  The Project is located within the Country Hills Subdivision, which is east of Associated Road, south of Lambert Road, and west of Kraemer Boulevard. The project is currently under construction to replace existing watermains and appurtenances, water services, and complete street pavement rehabilitation. 
During construction, there were several existing water main breaks within areas that were not programmed for water main replacement, and were only programmed for water service replacement. Therefore, staff worked with the Contractor, Williams Pipeline Contractors, Inc. (“Williams”), to revise the scope of work through a Contract Change Order to delete certain areas of the project, add additional water main replacement work, and remain within the Contract amount plus contingency. The original project included approximately 12,000 linear feet of water main replacement. The revised scope of work, depicted as Stage 2 in Attachment A, includes an additional 7,000 linear feet of water main replacement for a total of approximately 19,000 linear feet of new water main with new services and appurtenances. To date, all water work improvements within the revised area, depicted as Stage 1 in Attachment A, is complete with pavement rehabilitation work scheduled for November 2022.

Based on the revised project scope, as part of the current Contract with Williams, staff began working with the Engineer of Record, BKF Engineering (BKF), to develop a Phase 2 set of plans to complete all water and pavement improvements from the deleted areas within the original scope of work. Therefore, the Phase 2 project entitled “Country Hills Pavement and Water Improvements, Phase 2 Project” (“Project”) work limits include the deleted streets from the original project. These streets include Carrotwood Drive, Country Club Drive, and Raintree Drive, a portion of Branch Lane, Ambling Drive, Flanders Court, Chelsea Court, and Edgemont Lane (see Stage 2 in Attachment A). This phase of the Project was programmed with additional funding in the FY 2022-23 CIP budget.  

On June 24, 2022, the Final Plans and Specifications (“Bid Documents”) were accepted by staff, and the Project was advertised for bids on the website and subsequently published in the Star Progress paper prior to bid opening. A hard copy of the Bid Documents is available at the City Clerk’s office for review (see Attachment B). There was one addendum to the Specifications, which amended the City’s water testing requirements. Therefore, staff recommends City Council approve the Plans and Specifications with Addendum No. 1 as bid.    
On July 19, 2022, staff received a total of eight (8) bid proposals. Soon thereafter, staff tabulated the bid proposals and determined that the apparent low bid amount was $2,125,523.60 from Gentry Brothers, Inc. (“Gentry”) from Irwindale, CA (see Attachment C).  
Below are the results of the eight (8) bids received as read within Table 1:
Table 1 - Total Bid Summary
Bid Number Bidder Amount Bid
1. Gentry Brothers, Inc. $2,125,523.60
2. Williams Pipeline Contractors, Inc. $2,132,270.00
3. Cedro Construction $2,143,382.90
4. AID Builders, Inc. $2,192,190.00
5. CEM Construction $2,327,045.00
6. Stephen Doreck Equipment Rentals, Inc. $2,461,075.00
7. Sully-Miller Contracting, Co. $2,523,000.00
8. TE Roberts $2,636,655.00
      Engineer's Estimate $1,900,000.00

Gentry Brothers, Inc. has been in the construction business for 44 years and has completed construction of similar improvement projects for the cities of West Covina, Montebello, and Alhambra. The company has a valid contractor's license and has received a satisfactory rating according to the references. Therefore, staff recommends that the City Council consider awarding a Construction Contract to Gentry in the amount of $2,125,523.60.

Moreover, staff solicited proposals from Soils and Geotechnical firms through the formal Request for Proposal process to provide the material testing scope of work for the Project. Therefore, staff will return to City Council prior to the construction start date, estimated around early November 2022, with a recommendation to consider approving a project specific Professional Services Agreement with the preferred Soils and Geotechnical Firm upon completion of the proposal review and selection process.   
The Phase 2 Project was programmed in the FY 2022-2023 CIP with a budget amount of $2,600,000 consisting of Water Fund (420), Measure M (260), and Gas Tax (220). The Project will install approximately 4,000 linear feet of new water main with services and water appurtenances, ADA compliance items, and complete the street pavement rehabilitation within the Stage 2 project limits. Staff is recommending the City Council approve the plans and specifications, receive bids, award Contract to Gentry Brothers, Inc. in the amount of $2,125,523.60, and authorize the City Engineer to issue change orders up to a "not-to-exceed" amount of 10% of the Contract amount. There are no impacts to the General Fund. 
William Gallardo, City Manager
Prepared by:   Raymond Contreras, Associate Engineer
Concurrence:  Michael Ho, Public Works Director/City Engineer
Attachment A - Location Map
Attachment B - Bid Documents
Attachment C - Bid Proposal

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