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Finance Committee Agenda
Tuesday, September 12, 2023
8:30 a.m.
Executive Conference Room
Mayor Marty Simonoff and Council Member Steven Vargas
Council Member Cecilia Hupp and Mayor Pro Tem Christine Marick

This agenda contains a brief general description of each item the Committee will consider. The Administrative Services Department has on file copies of written documentation relating to each item of business on this Agenda available for public inspection. Contact the Administrative Services Department Office at (714) 990-7676 or view the Agenda and related materials on the City’s website at   Materials related to an item on this agenda submitted to the Committee after distribution of the agenda packet are available for public inspection in the Administrative Services Department's Office at 1 Civic Center Circle, Brea, CA during normal business hours. Such documents may also be available on the City’s website subject to staff’s ability to post documents before the meeting.

Procedures for Addressing the Committee
Members of the public may offer comment or observe the meeting by attending in person. All requests to offer comment must be submitted via phone by calling 714-990-7676 or by emailing by 12:00 p.m. on Monday, September 11, 2023.


1.   Matters from the Audience
2.   August 8, 2023 Finance Committee Regular Meeting Minutes - Approve.
3.   Waive full Reading and Introduce Ordinance No. 1244 An Ordinance of the City of Brea Extending the Term of a Pipeline Franchise Granted to Crimson California Pipeline, L.P. and Approve a CEQA Exemption Determination  - Waive full reading and introduce Ordinance No. 1244 by title only, and approve a CEQA exemption determination; Appropriate any revenues received as part of this franchise in the Fiscal Year 2023-2025 Operating Budget; and Authorize City Clerk to release the current faithful performance bond upon acceptance of the new faithful performance bond once notification is received from the Public Works Department.
4.   Rejection of Bids for the Walnut Way Sewer and Alley Improvements, CIP Project No. 7326 ("Project") - Reject all bids and direct the City Clerk to return all Bid Bonds to bidders.
5.   Award Contract with Kana Pipeline, Inc. for the Associated Road High-Pressure Water Line, CIP No. 7476 (Project) - Approve the Plans and Specifications; Receive bids; Award Contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, Kana Pipeline, Inc.for $2,399,420.00; and Authorize the City Engineer to issue Change Orders up to a "not-to-exceed" amount of 10% of the Contract Price.
6.   Dispatch Services – La Habra Police Department - Approve the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Brea and the City of La Habra to assist with dispatch services and training of La Habra Police Dispatchers.
7.   Purchase of Firefighter Turnouts - Authorize the Purchasing Agent or designees to issue purchase orders in an amount not-to-exceed $68,000 for the purchase of LION brand firefighter turnouts from AllStar Fire Equipment, Inc.
8.   Professional Services Agreements for Annual As-Needed Construction Management and Inspection Services for Various Capital Improvement Program and Private Development Projects - Approve Professional Service Agreements between the City of Brea and Ardurra Group, Inc.; Interwest Consulting Group; LG2WB Engineers, Inc. dba Linscott, Law & Greenspan, Engineers; Southstar Engineering & Consulting, Inc.; and Willdan Engineering for Construction Management and Inspection Services in the annual amount not-to-exceed $300,000 for two (2) years, plus three (3) optional 1-year extensions, and Authorize the City Manager to approve extensions.
9.   Schedule Next Meeting:  Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Special Accommodations
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the Administrative Services administrative office at (714) 990-7676. Notification 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable City staff to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility. (28 CFR ADA Title II)

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