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  Agenda Item   9. F.    
Parks, Recreation & Human Services Commission
Meeting Date: 09/27/2023  

Commission Goals Exercise 
That the Parks, Recreation and Human Services Commission direct staff to prepare a final Annual Goals Matrix for approval based on the goal setting exercise during the September 27, 2023, Commission meeting.
In the fall of each year, the Commission participates in a goal setting exercise in regards to programs, services and projects.  The idea is to capture items that are a priority over the next one to two years.
Attached is the matrix that was created last year after the goal setting exercise and was approved by the Commission on December 7, 2022.  This document will be reviewed at the September meeting to do several things:
  • Update the status of any projects that have either moved forward or have been completed.
  • Review the list of programs, services and projects to make sure that they are all still valid.
  • Ask the Commission to add any items that they feel are missing from the document.
The outcome of the meeting will be to prepare an updated “Parks, Recreation and Human Services Commission Annual Matrix” that will be approved at a future meeting later this year.
Chris Emeterio, Assistant City Manager 
Prepared by: Sean L. Matlock, Deputy Director 
Parks, Recreation and Human Services Commission - Annual Goals Matrix

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